Find the perfect winter boots

A new season is approaching with everchanging and cold weather. But this doesn’t bother our children. 🍂❄️

To them, it’s all about jumping in rain puddles, running through the fallen leaves or having snowball fights. So how do we give them the best conditions to have fun no matter the weather? ❤️

First of all, they need the right footwear. In the following, I will try to guide you through the process of finding the right winter boots.


Find the right size

Finding the right size is the most important thing. Unfortunately, studies by the EU show that 69% of all children in kindergarten wear shoes that are too small which hinders the development of the feet.

Actually, kids’ feet are incredibly soft and flexible. They need space for growing without any hindrance and a kid’s foot actually grows 2 cm per year during the first two years! ✨


5 quick tips

I have made 5 tips on how to find the perfect winter boot.

1: Measure the length of the feet – probably the most important thing when you buy winter boots online. It can also be fun to measure how much the feet have grown 😉

2: Check the fit – is it normal or wide? We have made it easy for you by indicating the fit of every Pyk shoe. If you’re still in doubt, you can chat with us or call our customer service and get good tips.

3: The heel cap should be firm and make sure that the boot can be adjusted with shoelaces or Velcro.

4: The materials should be light and flexible. E.g., the leather ensures movability and comfort at the same time. 🥰

5: Look for boots with Tex which is waterproof and breathable - and wool lining that keeps the feet warm. 

Now it’s up to you and your child to find the right look! 🤩

See our nice boot Dion which is one of our bestsellers.

We also have winter boots for the small ones! Lill Boot provides the small feet with support and stability when taking the first steps.

Be creative and build your own boots in our Shoe Builder here.

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