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Pre-walkers for babies in all sizes - See our collection

A pre-walker is a baby shoe that children use when they learn to walk, and the shoe helps the child by providing support and stability for the small wobbly legs. Here at Pyk Copenhagen, you will find our baby collection of pre-walkers for babies in size 19-25.

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We offer two models in our pre-walker collection. Ask and Asta are our pre-walker baby shoes that are made of 100% biodegradable and metal-free leather. The same goes for the leather lining in our shoes. Additionally, our Ask & Asta pre-walkers have a crepe sole made of rubber, which is extracted from the hevea tree. The natural rubber sole is non-slip and it has a firm heel cover that helps the small children keep their balance. Read more about our choice of materials and soles, which are always carefully selected based on what is best for the environment. We want to reduce the imprint we put on the planet, and we want you to join our journey.

First step shoes with stability for outdoor use

Our baby collection also includes Lill, which is for the child who is getting ready to go outdoors.

Lill offers everything that a real first step shoe should offer. Like the Ask & Asta shoe, Lill has a good and firm heel cover but with a rubber sole that is more robust and therefore more suitable for outdoor use. The Lill first step shoe is available in different colors for boys and girls with a velcro closure in size 19-25. Always measure your child’s feet to make sure that you order the correct size. You can use our size guide to find the right size. Remember that you get the best fit by adding 0.8-1.2 cm for growth. However, kids shoes for the little ones should not be too big because it inhibits the gait of the small feet.


Pre-walkers at a fair price

At Pyk, price and quality aren’t quite linked. We have combined all our knowledge with the best materials on the market and put it into our prewalkers - We only want the best for the small feet. We always use the softest and nicest metal-free and biodegradable leather, both on the inside and the outside, which is the best for your child and our nature. Read more about our philosophy and approach to fair prices here.


Buy your prewalkers at pykcph.com and have them delivered to your front door within only 1-2 working days. With a pair of prewalkers from Pyk, your child is ready to take its first steps.

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