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Kids shoes and sneakers for kids - Design your custom kids shoes - See our selection here

Build unique kids shoes with Pyk CPH’s 'Shoe Builder’

With kids shoes from Pyk Copenhagen, you will never get kids shoes that look like everyone else’s. You can design your own kids shoes from scratch with Pyk Copenhagen’s ‘Shoe Builder’ and on top of that, you can add your child’s name on the shoes to avoid getting them mixed up with other kids’ shoes.

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This way, you and your child can make sure which shoes belong to you. Be creative with our many different colors and combinations that you can choose between. Only the sky is the limit for how your kids shoes should look.

Explore our assortment and find your own favorite shoe. Does your kid prefer velcro closure or shoelaces? Do you prefer low-tops sneakers or high-tops sneakers? We have designs for both girls and boys in different colors and shapes. Finding the right shoe for your kid shouldn’t be a problem.


Kids shoes for tweens

At Pyk, we have a great selection of shoes for tweens. Has your kid reached the age where they are too big for kids shoes but too small for adults shoes? Then you have found the right place. We have done our best to create the perfect shoes for tweens. Our collection includes a wide range of shoes with velcro closure and shoelaces in different colors and designs.

 Are you unsure about your kid’s size? Then you can use our size guide that helps you find your kid’s shoe size. Use our measuring guide to measure the length of your kid’s foot. Do you have small kids who are learning to walk and need support and stability for their small feet? At Pyk Copenhagen, you can also find prewalkers in sizes 19-25.


Sustainable kids shoes

Pyk Copenhagen kids shoes are available in sizes 19-40 and all styles are custom made from sustainable materials. All kids shoes and sneakers for kids from Pyk Copenhagen are handmade in Portugal by our shoe magician Marco and his team. The materials we use are 100% biodegradable and are produced in metal-free leather. The kids shoes that come with an insole are of course also produced with biodegradable leather with a thickness of 0.8 cm, providing the foot with a thick and comfortable feeling. You can read more about our materials here.

Additionally, we use natural rubber which is extracted from the Hevea tree to produce our rubber soles. Moreover, the shoebox that your shoes come in is made of recycled materials. If you turn the shoe box inside out, it can even be used as a storage box for the children’s room. You can confidently buy your kids shoes from Pyk Copenhagen, knowing that we produce sustainably to benefit the environment.

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