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Children's shoes ready to be put in the basket

In our Pre-Build collection, you will find a selection of our best-selling styles, color combinations and new darlings. Then your new children's shoes are ready to be thrown directly into the basket without our Shoe Builder. We have already built them and are just waiting to be produced. The perfect solution for you with a simple wish for a pair of nice children's shoes in delicious quality! Your new children's shoes are produced and delivered to you within 10 working days.

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Sustainable children's shoes

Of course, your new Pre-Build children's shoes are delivered in the same delicious quality as all our shoes. Our choice of materials is always of the finest quality and carefully selected based on what is best for the environment. All Pyk’s shoes and sneakers for children are handmade in Portugal in 100% biodegradable and metal-free leather. You can safely buy your children's shoes at Pyk Copenhagen knowing that sustainable production is protected for the benefit of the environment. You can read more about our materials here.


At Pyk Copenhagen, we only produce the shoes that are ordered. In this way, we reduce overproduction and waste of good shoes and materials. As we only produce the shoes to be delivered, we can deliver high quality children's shoes at a fair price. In fact, we also have a circle program where you can send your old shoes to us, and receive a voucher of 20 for the shop. Then we make sure that they don’t end their lives in the waste system but are reused or recycled in the production of new shoes.


Build your own children's shoes

If you want to build your own children's shoes, then you can find the same styles in our Shoe Builder. Unleash your creativity with the many different colors and combinations to choose from. Only the imagination sets the limits of what your children's shoes should look like. In Shoe Builder, you can also choose to have your child's name embossed on the shoe! It does not get more unique and personal.

We have children's shoes for kids in size 19-32 and sneakers for tweens in size 33-41. Do you have a child who is learning to walk and therefore needs support and stability for the little feet. At Pyk Copenhagen you will also find baby shoes and prewalkers in sizes 19-25.

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