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With the right shoe care, you are guaranteed that your Pyk Copenhagen kids shoes keep the high quality for a long time. On this page you can buy our product range from Collonil Organic, which is produced from 90% natural ingredients.

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Kids play outside all year and therefore, it is important with a good and effective shoe protection. Protect & Care from Collonil protects against dirt and water and should be sprayed on the shoes before use. This spray forms a protective layer around the shoe to keep out sleet and rain. This spray is particularly suitable for smooth surfaces and suede as well as textiles and footwear with tex and climate membranes.


Why shoe care?

Our selection of products for shoe care also includes the Organic Cream from Collonil which provides the ultimate shoe care. If your child's leather shoes look dry and need to be revitalized, then Organic Cream is the perfect shoe care for you. It can be used for our prewalkers, winter boots and our other kids shoes that you can design yourself. On top of that, you can use it for all your own leather shoes that also need some shoe care.


Collonil Organic shoe care doesn’t emit any greenhouse gases and is made from ingredients such as carnauba wax and macademia oil, which have a caring effect and give all leather a soft and nice surface. Also, the cream is the first vegan shoe cream ever.


When leather shoes need care and become dry, they are more susceptible to grease and dirt, and this can leave permanent stains on the shoes. Therefore, it is important to provide the leather shoes with the proper shoe care to ensure that they are constantly moisturized. It makes the leather soft and nice and prolongs the life of the shoe.


Allergy-friendly shoe care

All of our products are hypoallergenic and can be used indoors. This means that you do not have to worry about allergic reactions when using our shoe care products indoors.


When you start the shoe care, you will want to clean the shoe first and let it dry. Shake the bottle well and apply the product gently. When you use shoe cream, it is a good idea to apply it with a small cloth and let it penetrate before applying another layer. You can finish with the impregnation spray, which provides extra surface protection after treating the shoe with shoe cream.

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