Our ambition


Children’s shoes that look like everyone else's?


No more!


At Pyk, you can design your next children's shoes in our Shoe Builder with your child at your side. All models are handmade from sustainable materials and delivered within 10 days. And since we only produce the number of shoes that are ordered, we can deliver high quality at a fair price - and together, we can end the meaningless overproduction of shoes.


The world is drowning in shoes.


We often buy only to throw away and often value price over quality.  Every day an abundance of footwear is produced and countless shoes will never even be purchased or used. It is hurting our planet and it must end now.


This is why we developed a fun and simple way to deliver unique children's shoes of high quality directly to you and at the same time do away with the meaningless overproduction of shoes. By ordering directly from the factory, we optimized the value chain and cut middlemen, so we can spend more resources on what really matters: 


good craftsmanship, sustainable materials and a fair price.


Join the shoe revolution and design your very own sustainable, high quality children's shoes with your children!


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