CONeutral webshop


We are proud of running a CO2 neutral webshop! Running a webshop puts a strain on the climate because it uses power for computers, monitors and the servers that host the shop. In fact, computer use and the Internet as a whole are the cause of more CO2 emissions than aviation at this point.


Pyk Copenhagen has therefore joined an initiative where companies - large and small and across industries - come together to neutralise the CO2 their websites emit.


The CO2 neutralisation is created through the construction of new renewable energy sources (e.g. wind turbines), and participation in CO2-reducing projects (globally). Deloitte acts as an independent auditor on the CO2 neutralisation efforts.


The programme is approved by Gold Standard, which was originally founded by WWF and is also audited by auditing firm Deloitte.


You can see the certificate of participation here