1. Find your size 🧡

Measure the exact size of your child’s feet. We have made it easy for you and guide you through the measuring process. 👣

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2. Be creative ✌🏼

Explore our collections and choose your favorite style. Experiment with different colors, patterns, materials and expressions! You can even get your name on the shoes to make them completely personal and unique. 💜

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3. Handmade shoes within 10 days 📦

The shoes are handmade in Portugal, exactly as you have designed them. Every shoe goes through more than 50 steps and our shoemakers give a meticulous attention to detail!

You receive your unique shoes within 10 working days. 🥰

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4. Enjoy your unique shoes 🤩

When your shoes have arrived, you can finally use them and enjoy the fine quality. 👏🏼

Remember that you can always return the shoes if they don't fit.

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5. Send us your used kids shoes🙌🏼

With our circle program, you can return your used kids shoes and receive a 20 € voucher for your next pair. It doesn't matter what condition they are in! We make sure that they don't get thrown out. ❤️

We re-use the materials ♻️

Depending on the condition of your shoes, we either give them to charity or split them up and re-use the materials we can use. 💪🏼

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