Measuring your Child's Feet at Home

(in 4 simple steps)

Step 1: Find Pen, Paper and Ruler

Place a piece of A4-sized paper on the floor straight against the wall.
(make sure that the paper does not slip under the panel!)

Step 2: Stand Still...Stand Still...

Your child's feet on the paper - stand still and heels up against the wall!
(yes, easier said than done - we know...)

Step 3: Now! Draw the Line

Draw a line following the front of the big toes...
(Usually one foot is bigger than the other - your child is perfectly normal!)

Step 4: So how many Millimetres?

Make the measurement on from the end of the papers to the line you drew
(always use the largest foot)

Extra Info:

When you buy children's shoes you should always make sure that there is between 0,9 cm to 1,2 cm. extra room for the feet to grow.

When you use Pyk's Shoe Builder always type the EXACT measurement and we will calculate the growing room.
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