We always choose the finest quality materials, carefully selecting them on the basis of what is best for the environment. We passionately believe in reducing the imprint we make on the planet🍀 

Biocouro leather

All Pyk’s leather is Biocouro – vegetable tanned, biodegradable leather. 90% of all leather used in traditional shoe production elsewhere is tanned using chromium (III) –  a cheap method of altering the protein structure of leather to avoid the decomposition that would otherwise naturally occur. However, the disadvantage of chrome-tanned leather is that it can result in chromium allergy. Furthermore, it is neither biodegradable nor recyclable for other purposes.

That is why we use Biocouro instead. It involves the use of acacia and mimosa tree extracts. This also lends the leather a more natural touch, which will also continue to evolve as the leather develops and gets more beautiful over time.

Biocouro lining

In all Pyk shoes with leather lining and insoles we also use Biocouro leather. 0.8 cm thick, it provides a thick, glove-like feeling and is amazingly comfortable. Like the rest of our leather, it is completely metal-free and biodegradable – just as it should be.

 Natural rubber

Whenever we state that the soles are made of natural rubber, it means they are made from the milk-like juice of the Hevea tree. After refining, it turns into the rubber we know commercial use. This rubber makes the sole flexible and its durability is second to none. It is also non-slip and waterproof – perfect for children’s shoes.

 Recycled natural rubber

Some of our shoes feature the term ‘recycled’. This means that more than 20% of the rubber in the sole was made from recycled rubber soles.

TR Rubber

Thermoplastic Rubber or TR Rubber looks and feels like rubber and, when it comes to durability and flexibility, it also has many similar properties. But, compared to a traditional sole, one of the advantages of a TR sole is that it is easier to shape, providing a designer with more options in terms of functional and aesthetic requests. All our TR soles are manufactured in Italy. 


A crepe sole is a completely natural product with good durability, a unique finish and unsurpassed comfort. It is a natural rubber sole made from the latex of rubber trees. The latex is refined to achieve a firm consistency, rolled out and the crepe is handmade in about 20 different steps before being ready for shoe production. A crepe sole contains thousands of little air bubbles, creating unique absorption as the foot hits the ground. With natural open pores, the sole has a particularly good grip on slippery surfaces. Crepe is completely natural and sustainable.


In our winter boots, we often use wool for lining. It is wonderful for keeping feet warm and is naturally durable, breathable and, what is more, antibacterial. We use 100% wool in our lining, and always wool that is Oeko-Tex certified.