Problems finding the right size?

Don't worry! If you do not find the right size or fit. At Pyk you always have 14 days to exchange or return your shoes.


You will be able to return custom made shoes, but we try our best to avoid it as it is unnecessary use of resources. The best way is to be as precise as possible when measuring the feet.


If you have any doubt please write us on the chat. We LOVE to help! 💚


The most important thing is that the shoes fits perfectly. If it's not correct you will of course be able to return it or exchange it to another.



If you need to return a pair of shoes you can send them to:


Geodis Denmark A/S 

c/o Pyk Copenhagen

Oliefabriksvej 29-43

2770 Kastrup


In most countries you will find a return label in the box. If so, your are welcome to use it. We will deduct total €7 to cover the cost of the shipment.


You will also find a return card in the box. Please fill it out and return it together with the shoes. We will process the return within 5 working days from the day we receive them.



If you want to exchange the shoes to another pair you will need to place a new order in the shop. Please get in touch on or our chat if you need help or have questions.


Shoes with your name on

If you return a pair of our shoes with your name on the shoes we will deduct € 25 from the refund.

The reason: Usually the shoes we will have returned will be re-used in our re-seller section, but with name on the side unfortunately this is not possible.


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