Our Circle program

The little children's feet move quickly. They grow fast and the children regularly need new shoes. Regardless of the condition, the shoes can often either be recycled or reused.

Therefore, you can send us your used kids shoes. We accept kids shoes from all brands, no matter how worn out they are.

To thank you, we send you a 20 € voucher for our shop 🙂

How it works:

1. Return your childrens shoes

Fill out the online form. Send us your old kids shoes or hand them in personally - regardless of brand 👋🏼

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2. We will take it from here

We sort the shoes. Depending on the condition, we either give them to charity or re-use the materials 💚

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3. Receive your discount code 👏🏼

To thank you, we send a 20 € discount code that you can use in our shop.

As soon as we have received the shoes, we send you the voucher on e-mail.

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Why are our kids shoes made to order?

When you order custom made shoes from our Shoe Builder, you take an important step in the fight against overproduction because we only produce the shoes that are needed.

The world is drowning in shoes

We buy to throw away and choose price over quality. Worldwide, we produce more than 24 billion pairs of shoes annually and many of them never get sold or used.

It burdens our planet 🌎

Read more about the problem of shoe waste here.

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