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Collonil Protect & Care - Waterproofing

Protect & Care

This Protect & Care Waterproofing spray for leather and textiles is made with 90% natural materials and comes with a pump dispenser, which set focus on environmental protection. The highly effective waterproofing spray provides long-lasting protection against dirt and moisture and nourishes the material with real olive oil at the same time. By avoiding propellants, Protect & Care can also be safely used in enclosed spaces.


Why waterproofing spray?

A waterproof spray prevents water and dirt from settling on the shoe and will also ensure that the shoes' colors will stay nice. Keep your shoe protected and moisturized and your shoe will keep nice for a long time!



Clean your shoe with a moist soft cloth and let them dry. Spray Protect & Care on your shoe with a distance of 20-25 cm. Remove any excess drops of product and let the shoe dry. Repeat the process and polish the shoes with a soft cloth. 

You need to waterproof your shoe every tenth time, you have used your shoes.


Collonil Organic

Uncompromising organic leather care based on sustainability and environmental compatibility. That's what the Collonil Organic brand represents. Made with 90% natural materials. Protect & Care can also be safely used in enclosed spaces, because of no propellants. 



Collonil Protect & Care Pyk Copenhagen
Collonil Protect & Care Pyk Copenhagen

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