Your Shoes, Our Passion

We create unique children's shoes. In colors and details, exactly as you want them. You can even make your design even more personal by adding your name to it. The shoes are handmade in Portugal, only to order, and always in materials of the highest quality.

Delivery in 10 days and with return policy.

My son Frede and I build our first sneakers. Frede choose a white Noel with details and his own name embossed on the side. Delivered in only 10 days at our doorstep.

Marlene from Copenhagen

I am amazed by the leather quality however my fascination was overruled by the reaction from my 6-year-old son when he unwrapped the box.

Maria, Trustpilot review

At the beginning I was skeptical because I had never seen the styles live. But the super nice and warm customer service convinced me to give them a chance. My daughter wears them every day and always has warm and dry, nicely packed feet. “Dion” is beautifully light and super flexible for a winter boot. We will definitely order another style again soon.

Vivien Hepp

About Us

Pyk is a Danish brand, where you can build your own unique shoes and have them delivered in 10 days.

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Our shoes are handmade in Portugal. All leathers are metal-free and biodegradable.

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Fair Prices

Build on our ambition to produce children's shoes of the highest quality at a fair price.

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